How to Apply a Decal

Applying a Decal is a very easy task that anyone can do!

For best results try to never do a decal never in direct sunlight if possible, always try to place the decal on you car or truck after the morning dew/moisture has lifted and 1 hour before dark to avoid night time dew/moisture. Wetness while applying a decal will make the decal fail to stick while applying and will make it hard to separate the application material from the decal. If you are going to apply in a heated garage then it does not matter what time you place the decal on your car.

Simple steps to apply your decal:

1. Clean the area with rubbing alcohol making sure to remove all loose dirt and oils. Then dry the area!

2. Pre-Rub the decal with a credit card and peel the decal inside a normal temperature area first.

3. Move to the outside area where you are to apply the decal and start at the top or bottom area of the decal and slowly work the decal from one side all the way across until the decal is flush on the surface.

4. Rub the decal application tape surface with a credit card working it to make sure that the decal is seated to the surface.

5.  Slowly start to peel the corner of the tape and pull it at a 45% angle very slowly making sure that the decal is sticking correctly to the surface and is separating from the main decal.  If decal is sticking to the application tape and not releasing, use the credit card and lay back down the decal area not releasing and rub the area not releasing until it releases and sticks to your surface.

6. Once the application tape is totally removed very lightly with your fingertips go over the decal to make sure that all edges are seated.

It is very important not to wash the car for 48 hours after the decal has been placed on the car to allow the glues time to cure on the surface.